Ext JS Introduction:

Ext JS is the most powerful JavaScript based application development platform. It allows you to create data-intensive HTML 5 applications using JavaScript with unparalleled cross-browser compatibility.

Ext JS framework allows us to build enterprise application with unified user experience using JavaScript without writing any HTML 5 or CSS code. It includes built-in themes and UI components out of the box which minimize development time and increases the productivity.

Ext JS is a product of Sencha. It offers following products.

Ext JS is a framework for web applications based on JavaScript and Html5.

Sencha Touch is a high-performance HTML5 mobile application framework.

Sencha GXT is the fastest, most powerful way to create rich web-based applications using Java.

Please visit Sencha.com for more information on Sencha products and tools.

Ext JS Features:

Ext JS Versions:

Version Description
Ext JS 4.x Ext JS 4.x framework is used to build desktop applications. Use Sencha Touch framework to build mobile and tablet application.
Ext JS 5.x Ext JS 5 is used to build desktop and tablet applications.
Ext JS 6.x - Current Ext JS 6 is used to buils application for all the devices from mobile devices to tablets to desktops while writing less code. It includes two toolkits: classic and modern. Learn more about it in the Ext JS 6 section.

Ext JS vs AngularJS:

Ext JS AngularJS
Ext JS is a framework to build web based enterprice application using JavaScript. AngularJS is a framework that allows you to extend the HTML's syntax.
Ext JS is a per-seat/per-server commercial license framework and open-source under GPL licence by Sencha. AngularJS is an open source framework maintained by Google and other community developers.
No need to write single HTML 5 or CSS 3 code. Need to write HTML and CSS code.
Ext JS includes MVC & MVVM architecture. AngularJS support MVC architecture.
Ext JS supports responsive UI. Does not support responsive UI by default. You need to use Bootstrap or other framework for responsive design.
Includes OOB UI components such as form, grid, treeview, dataview etc. Does not included any OOB UI components.
Sencha provides ALM tools for Ext JS. Does not included any ALM tools. You need to use third party ALM tools.
Includes themes for your entire application such as crisp, triton, neptune, classic, gray etc. Does not include any OOB themes.

Ext JS History:

Ext JS is a client-side, JavaScript framework for building web applications. In early 2006, Jack Slocum (jackslocum.com) started working on a set of extension utilities for the Yahoo User Interface (YUI) library under the name "yui-ext." Eventually, Jack created an adapter layer, which provided plugin option for any foundation library to provide utilities such as event handling, DOM manipulation and animated effects. This unanchored the library from YUI, and allowed the use of YUI, jQuery, prototype, or a new ext-base foundation written by Jack. This was version 1 of Ext JS. Current version of Ext JS is 6.x.

Visit Wikipedia for more information on ExtJS history.